Balloons Over New England

First Class, Champagne Hot Air Balloon Rides
Quechee, VT


Experience the magic of an uncharted adventure where the destination is irrelevant, the trip – everything. A hot air balloon ride, especially in Vermont should be a must on everyone’s to-do list of life experiences.

The beauty is overwhelming as we float beneath the colorful hot air balloon canopy. Gentle air currents help us explore the splendor of Quechee, VT lovely landscapes. With no sensation of motion, we drift in perfect silence, enjoying distant views, touching clouds, and gaining new perspectives on the forest as we tickle the treetops.

Enjoy a Champagne, First Class Balloon ride with the #1 Balloon Team in the region!

Balloons Over New England pilots have been flying hot air balloons for over 30 years, certainly longer than most in New England. Our perfect safety record sets us apart. We pay particular attention to details and fly custom designed balloons, no banners hanging, just a quality experience that lasts up to 3 hours from inflation to the finale. During our special post-flight celebration we serve you fine champagne in Simon Pearce hand-blown flutes, fresh fruit and pastry on a silver tray.