About Us

About Balloons Over New England

We are New England’s #1 professional balloon team. Established in 1983, Balloons Over New England specializes in first class balloon adventures. Our champagne trips take 2 1/2 – 3 hours with an average of a little over an hour aloft. Your pilot will be your guide and host your continental breakfast after landing, pouring champagne and joining you in celebrating the adventure of your life.

There is no substitute for experience

Balloons Over New England’s chief pilots, Gary and Ken Lovell, are two of New England’s most experienced pilots. We have been involved in several balloon record undertakings, including holding the current record for crossing the United States. We also helped build the world’s largest hot air balloon, have flown from Quechee, Vermont to Maine, and once flew over Mt. Washington in February. (Ask about that one!)

We’ve Flown Alongside the Great Ones!

Here is a picture of Miss champagne, the world’s largest hot air balloon. The colorful speck next to Miss Champagne is a Balloons Over New England standard-sized airship.