Flight Agreement


You have been signed on for a balloon flight with Balloons Over New England.

Please Read prior to flight.
Warning: asking questions answered here may result in a small fine.

A few things you should know

  • We fly seven days a week, weather permitting, weather permitting, weather permitting.
  • Ballooning is an outdoor activity! So don’t wear clothes you are too fond of. It will not be noticeably colder in the balloon than on the ground.
  • Hiking boots are perfect, sneakers are O.K., sandals are silly and high heels don’t fly (so to speak), and they may get wet!
  • Many people like to wear a hat, especially tall people.
  • For our safety (and by extension, yours) we fly only in the calmest of conditions. The pilot has the final decision on weather or not we fly. Our record is unblemished and we aim to keep it that way.
  • Mother Nature is ultimately in charge of this program and she may require that you experience the joy of anticipation one or more times. For all her grace, beauty and power, she does not care about us on a personal level.
  • Ballooning is a NO WHINING adventure. Whining may void your certificate, or we may hit you with another, larger, fine.

Motto:” I would rather be on the ground wishing I had gone flying, than up in the air wishing I had stayed on the ground.”

We understand that many passengers are uncomfortable disclosing their weight. Our need to know is for safety and scheduling reasons (has to do with ‘lift capacity’). The weight information is for our eyes only! So please be as accurate as possible. We have several balloons of varying sizes and choose which balloon to fly depending on combined passenger weight. If it makes you feel better ~ we’ll share OUR weight with YOU when we meet!!
Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about your Hot Air Balloon Ride Adventure.