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Fun in and After Flight

Thank you for visiting our Virtual Tour section. This section houses our video tour, our passenger testimonials and our photo album.

Below is a 3.5-minute sample virtual video tour of a hot air balloon ride above Quechee, VT. You can purchase an 8-10 minute custom video of YOUR Balloon Ride! Enjoy and relive your adventure with your friends and family for years to come. Our professional videographer will film your ride via video cameras on the ground as well as drone cameras follow you on your journey. Order during booking, just $99 (edited with music, video link will be emailed within one week.)

The pictures in our Photo Album section were taken of actual customers before, during, and/or after a magical balloon ride. Take a peek; you might see yourself there!

Viewing our testimonials and our photo album will take you on a virtual tour of some of the most beautiful scenery around. Once done, you can tell your friends and family that you “virtually” flew with Balloons Over New England. Of course, an even greater story to tell is the one you will be able to tell after your actual flight with New England’s best. So why not schedule your ride today! Visit our Photo Gallery!


I was promised great heights and reached the sky I was promised tree tops – and you did not lie I was promised a fun filled day without any pain I was promised a glass filled with icy champagne I’ve dreamed of a man who would keep his promises. I found him. Thank you Gary!

Sharon Gray, NJ

I have always wanted to experience a hot air balloon ride, so in 2000 I found the courage to try it. I called Gary at Balloons Over New England and after speaking with him,I knew this was going to be an adventure. I went with my sister and it was amazing. I have never felt so at peace before-it was beautiful. Gary definitely helped ease my fears by dropping the basket in a river…it was great! I love Balloons Over New England-the crew, the different balloons, the whole “SPACE TO CHASE” thing–it is awesome. Since that memorable day in September of 2000, I have been 2 other times…and I will go again next year with Gary and Crew…this time I am trying Quechee, Vermont–there are bodies of water you can drop me in there,right Gary? Thank you Gary and all of your balloon helpers for making my experiences such fond memories! 🙂

Nora Freeze, South Portland, ME

It was everything I expected and more. Gary was great and I can’t wait to do it again.

Charlene V., MA

What a great experience! Fabulous views and a fun group to share them with. Loved the take-off and landing! Lots of laughs – even the trip back to the launch site was a scream!

Lauren Kohlhofer, NH

I have a tremendous fear of heights but was asked by my best friend to join him for a balloon ride, his birthday present from Dad. I could not refuse him….So we lifted off and I experienced one of the greatest times of my life, top 3 all-times for sure…right up there with birth of child and winning the lottery..The Brother’s Lovell do a great job and I thank them for helping me face my fears and putting me at ease… (I apologize for sobbing “Mommy” when we reached 2,000′)

With gratitude, Chris Bernazzani, ME

Flying with the monarch butterflies. Hovering inches over water glimmering with the sun’s last rays. Sunset in a new mown field. Been in heaven. Can’t wait to do it again.

Joanne Mills, Beverly, MA

Beats the #$@%! out of flying from Mass. If there is one thing you dream of doing let it be flying with Gary in Quechee Vermont!!!

Jim and Laurie O’neil, Rockland, MA